SOS Lip Plumper
SOS Lip Plumper
SOS Lip Plumper
SOS Lip Plumper

SOS Lip Plumper

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Are you in need of naturally fuller and plumper lips? Don’t resort to expensive and painful surgery. SOS Lip Plumper brings you a natural Moroccan Argan Oil based solution to luscious plump lips.

Now you can enhance your lips the way you want. And then, create the hydrated, sexy and naturally plumper looking lips in seconds.

Combines natural and advanced lip plumping ingredients, the non-sticky formula keeps lips looking fuller and luscious for hours;helping to hydrate the lips and reduce the loss of moisture, giving the lips a healthier look.

Naturally Plumper Lips

The SOS Lip Plumper serum treatment works to re hydrate your lips with up to 20% more moisture and thereby restoring volume and increasing plumpness of healthy fuller lips.


  • Lip hydration up to 30 percent
  • Enhanced plumpness
  • Restored total lip volume
  • Improvement of immediate and long term moisturizing up to 20 percent
  • Reduced lip wrinkles
  • Glamour effect finish


Please spot test before use. Some may experience an allergic reaction. Do not over-use: If used too much, Tulip may cause a numbing sensation of the lips or the tip of the tongue. To be used only for the intended purpose. Use according to instructions. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep away from children. Do not use the product if there is a known reaction to one of the ingredients.